Walmart Listing Software for Online Retailers

In the battle for customers’ attention retailers strive to set the workflows in the most efficient way. Listing software helps escape the daily routine of managing several accounts and updating all the information once a slight change is made.

Multi-Channel Management

The aim of such software is to provide sellers with a convenient way of operating several accounts and helping them preserve accuracy with financials.

One of the greatest benefits sellers can obtain by using listing software is the possibility to create multiple listing profiles, custom templates and adjust all the data based on the requirements of a given account. The system will centralize all of your orders and, as a result, you can fulfill the tasks faster. What is more, the software can process cancellations, full or partial refunds and will provide you with all necessary tracking information. As you can see, with the help of listing software you get complete visibility and control over your inventory across every your account on Walmart.

Automatic Synchronization

No more underselling and overselling. Listing software makes it easy to adjust prices and update items information automatically across every Walmart store. The system synchronizes all your channels in a matter of several minutes. With the changes in the amount of your inventory, it updates inventory availability across all your channels. You get centralized control of your entire omni-channel business and are always aware of your business performance.

Centralized Inventory Control and Reporting

Updating inventory quantities manually can be tedious and time consuming. With listing software solutions you can easily view and manage your available and reserved stock levels across all your warehouses. The system keeps the accurate track of stock levels and will automatically synchronize available inventory to all your stores after a purchase is made.

The reporting tool installed provides for better insights that results in greater profitability. The insights offered by the system enable you to have the right amount of stock and ensure that capital is not wasted.

First impressions are very important, and trading on online platforms like Walmart is no exception. In a sea of products similar to your own, having a listing that stands out could mean getting more customers and, consequently, more profit. However, not only front-end operations matter. To keep your business successful sellers have to devote a lot of time and effort to keeping accurate counts of stock levels as well as to orders and data management. With Walmart listing software like Jazva you can forget about monotonous daily data updates and focus on the growth of your business. Doing business has never been easier.